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5 Cannabis Strains That Can Make You Laugh When High In Mississauga

5 cannabis strains that can make you laugh when high in mississauga

Yes, it is easily possible for you to laugh your pants off with cannabis, and we are not talking about some made-up thing. It’s an explored phenomenon. What if you could let your inhibitions go as you get carried away on waves after waves of cannabis-induced laughter?

Cannabis has been famous even before global legalization. It has many interesting effects. Some of them are still misinterpreted, but giggles are one of the most common effects. Many stoners enjoy falling, laughing and giggling like we all used to do in our childhood.

It is believed that only 20% of laughs come from traditional funny things. It is a form of communication that precedes speech by millennia. In general, laughing is a great exercise and what’s better than experiencing joy rather quickly.

Want To Laugh when high in Mississauga? Here are five Cannabis strains that can get you there. Let’s quickly find out the top five cannabis strains that can break you out into fits of giggles.

What’s the Connection?

Before we get into the detail of the top five cannabis strains that can get you laughing, let us explain the connection between cannabis and giggles.

As you know, there is no specific link, and humour is a very complex factor. Laughter is simply a motor reflex prompted by your interpretation of any humourous thing. A study suggested that the connection between laughing and weed stimulates blood flow to those parts of the brain responsible for making you laugh. This stimulation is due to the presence of THC in cannabis.

Dopamine and serotonin are your mood-boosting neurotransmitters. One of the major ECS functions is to regulate these chemicals in your brain.

5 Cannabis Strains That Can Make You Laugh

Blue Diesel

Blue diesel is a uniquely named cannabis strain known as the Blue City Diesel. It is quite popular in most places, especially in Arizona. This strain has high THC levels of about 23%, which is quite a punch for any stoner. This strain may pose some harmful effects on novice users, mainly because of the high THC levels. Users new to it might have to think twice before getting their hands on Blue Diesel. It is a hybrid of the most famous strains, the Blueberry and the NYC Diesel. The breeding caused the indica to spike more towards sativa, another reason why this strain is unique.

Laughing Buddha – The Famously Funny Strain

The laughing buddha is another cannabis strain that will make you giggle. Its linage is connected to Thailand and Jamaica, and it landed in third place for the High Time Cannabis Cup in 2003. The good news is that this strain contains a low level of THC content which makes it the perfect strain for beginners. It is also a great option for those stoners who don’t have a very high THC tolerance. It gives a very mellow, high, and relaxing feeling, which makes it a type of strain that you can use any time of the day.

Liberty Haze

Liberty Haze, a spicy peppery filled with herbal flavours and many cures, is a perfect strain to use when feeling low. Liberty Haze is a strain worth smoking with hints of lime flavours, giving you some kushy base notes. The effects of this strain take over faster than any other strain, making you high in no time. You may feel pressure near your forehead and around your eyes. Beginners may feel extra sensitive to their surroundings just after a few puffs of liberty haze. You will feel energetic, creative and artistic, and immediately add it to your top five strains.

Church OG – The Silly Strain

Church OG is another cannabis strain that will make you laugh once you have taken a few puffs. It has high THC levels of up to 15% and hints of CBD, with effects that will make you relax while providing you with some therapeutic benefits. It is perfect for beginners as long as they don’t overconsume. Once you enjoy this strain, you will feel the effects, including.

  • Giggly
  • Aroused
  • Relaxed
  • Creative
  • Talkative


Sweet Diesel – The Focused Giggles Strain

Hang on, as this strain is high on THC, and make sure you take extra precautions if you are a beginner. It can provide a strong high that can take you to places because of the high THC levels up to 24%. If you want to feel the effects of euphoria, energy, happiness, and relaxation, this strain is perfect for you. Just make sure you use this strain when you have no other activity pending in your daily task so that you can enjoy the full effects.

Final Words

If you are ready to see the funny side of life instantly, you can select any of the cannabis strains mentioned above and laugh as much as you want. We would also suggest that these are just five of the most popular strains, but you should never limit yourself. There are many other strains available online that could fit your preferences. Each strain is different from the other and ideal for helping you unwind from unnecessary stress. It doesn’t matter if you smoke alone or with your pals. Once you get your hands on any one of them, laughing is guaranteed. You don’t even need any comedy movies, and you won’t regret giving a chance to any one of them!


If you want to know more about cannabis, feel free to contact us, and we would be happy to assist you.


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