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All You Need To Know About Cannabis Micro Dosing In Mississauga

what is cannabis micro dosing in mississauga

There is no doubt that people use cannabis differently from a few years ago. At one end, we have people getting large doses of THC resulting in a powerful high. On the other hand, we have people using non-intoxicating CBD daily. Another way that you can benefit from cannabis is micro-dosing. Most people don’t know what it is and how to leverage its benefits. This article will explain what cannabis micro-dosing is and what you should know about it in Mississauga.

 What Does Cannabis Micro Dosing Means?

Microdosing means using a small amount of any substance only to produce minimum effects associated with that substance. It is more associated with hallucinogenic drugs like mushrooms, LSD and other psychedelics. Typically a microdose aims to create a cellular response without a full-body effect. The main goal of micro-dosing is to achieve some benefits of the used substance without facing the hallucinating consequences.

Cannabis micro-dosing is different from today’s increasingly popular topic of micro-dosing psychedelic. However, the microdoses of hallucinogenic drugs are suggested to be beneficial for many benefits.

The Benefits of Micro Dosing Weed

We have pretty much covered what micro-dosing is, but why should you choose small amounts of cannabis when you can get high with a lot more? There are several reasons, like, whether or not the federal government approves it, many people benefit from micro-dosing cannabis.

Not everyone uses cannabis products to get high. Some people use cannabis for medical purposes and are more adept at battling their ailments. We have seen many exploiting the CBD products available on the market since these products provide all the therapeutic non-intoxicating effects. The problem is that many users think that only CBD can provide the best therapeutic results. THC also has plenty of promising impacts and benefits. The combination of CBD and THC delivers the best effects because of the synergy between various cannabinoids. There are plenty of users who are satisfied with the results of CBD, but there are other viable options too that can provide the best effects without a strong high.

Micro-dosing weed is a great way to benefit from the therapeutic effects without any of the slight adverse effects of cannabis. Everyone indeed has different experiences and preferences when it comes to weed. But many people certainly refrain from using THC, so they don’t experience any paranoia or anxiousness. Micro-dosing aims to eliminate all the effects that can make you paranoid.

While it depends on the user to choose the better option, known users use micro-dosing to treat depression, pain, and anxiety with a calculated amount of weed. This study suggested that a low controlled dose of cannabinoids is better for therapeutic benefits. Users have been known to benefit from low doses of nabilone– a synthetic cannabinoid typically used to cure nausea and PTSD.

How You Can MicroDose Weed

If you want to try micro-dosing yourself, it can help reduce pain, anxiety, and other symptoms and boost your focus or increase your productivity. Plus, it is easy to do, and it can save you a lot of money compared to buying regular cannabis. You have to use a small amount of cannabis and reap all the effects in a calculated small quantity.

Okay, that sounds easy, but it does not mean that you take one bite from your edible or take one puff of a joint or a vape pen. Depending on your metabolism rate and intoxication level, you’ll need to figure it all out. Your current tolerance plays an important role, as well as your biological factors. This is how you can easily find out the amount you are taking will influence you or not because your main goal is to maximize the benefits.

You should start your microdose with 2.5mg of THC. You can get it from smoking cannabis flowers or using cannabis tinctures, but it could be challenging if you try to get the same amount of dose through smoking a joint. However, there is a way to do that, ever heard of the one-hitter? The on-hitter is a tool used to consume calculated THC. All you have to do is to pay attention to your microdose.

One hitter pipe will make things easier, and it will be super easy for you to track your consumption. For many users, one-hitter can provide just the right amount of THC. The effects could surpass your microdose and get you high if you have a low tolerance.

You don’t need one-hitter pipes for one hit, and it is the amount of cannabis you burn. If you think that one-hitter might require a lot of work, you can always stick to tinctures and edibles to make things easier for you. If you want to stick to a solid routine, it is best to use these products instead of smoking a small amount of cannabis.

Final Thoughts

Microdosing is a perfect option for users who do not want to get high and experience any adverse effects that may cause them to lose control. Some people like to feel all the effects while remaining in control. The main goal is the get all the benefits while cutting out all the possible adverse effects by using a small amount of THC through cannabis. The best way to microdose is to order a cannabis product from an online weed dispensary like edibles or concentrates, so you know exactly how much weed you’re using. The choice is yours, and you have to calculate the amount whether you are choosing to smoke or use edibles to get your microdoses.

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