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Does Weed Boost Your Sex Drive?

does weed boost your sex drive

There is controversy surrounding marijuana (cannabis) and sex. Traditionally, it is used as a herbal aphrodisiac with almost mythical libido-boosting properties but does weed boost your sex drive? Perhaps you heard that it could reduce sperm count, cause erectile dysfunction, or cause premature ejaculation. But is that true? We have compiled everything about how cannabis affects sex because it’s probably much more complex than any of these assumptions.

However, a caveat exists thanks to the decades-long ban on cannabis. There hasn’t been much research about any of its aspects.

Another important caveat: Sexual arousal and functioning are incredibly complex, so analyzing their effects will inevitably be multifaceted. Jordan Tishler, M.D., medical cannabis expert at InhaleMD in Boston, says, “there is a lot of understanding that needs to go into the discussion around cannabis and sexuality.”

Dr. Tishler says researchers may include biological, social, and psychological aspects of sexual enjoyment when examining how it affects attraction, arousal, orgasm, and overall satisfaction. Even when all these factors are considered, good sex means different things to different people – and even the same person can mean other things depending on the day. Hence, interpreting these results should consider inherently challenging to study.

Marijuana Affects Libido In Different Ways

Although marijuana boosts sex drive, its exact mechanism remains unclear.

Marijuana users may have more sex because high people don’t put the same pressure on themselves as sober people, so they don’t experience the same level of performance anxiety. You may also be able to communicate more clearly with your partner with the help of a small amount of marijuana.

Lawrence Siegel, a therapist, specializing in sexual arousal, found that delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol — the cannabinoid THC — seems to target a part of the brain associated with sexual desire in women.

In addition to regulating our body’s homeostasis, pleasure, and pain, the endocannabinoid system also helps us relax. According to Peter Barsoom, founder of 1906, which aims to bring cannabis back to the mainstream, “It can make users feel relaxed and relieved when activated by the cannabinoids in cannabis.”

You can achieve increased arousal and greater enjoyment of sex with this system. For some, this can enhance the pleasure of sex. For others, cannabis is popular because of its increased pleasurable effects.

Marijuana increases anxiety for some people, while it has the opposite effect for others. According to sexologist Nick Karras, author of “The Passionate High: A Guide to Using Cannabis for Better Sex and Creativity,” each person is unique both psychologically and physically, and for cannabis to improve sexuality, you need to find the type that works for you. To determine what works best, experiment with indica, sativa, or a hybrid of both strains.

Delivery and dose matter

Many experts recommend starting with a small amount of cannabis and using a specific delivery method to ease into it. While you’re learning to use cannabis, you should consider smoking or vaping because you may overdo it with edibles and have an unpleasant experience. Eating edibles can cause an unpleasant high because it is harder to control the dosage of cannabis.

There are, however, an increasing number of edible products that contain carefully dosed amounts of cannabis. In one development, High Love, cannabis is combined with herbs and chocolate to produce a low dose of THC. Barsoom, its creator, pointed out that cannabis’ aphrodisiac properties were only apparent at moderate to low doses. Cannabis in higher doses can have the opposite effect.


Cannabis contains more than 100 active components or cannabinoids. THC is the most well-known among these compounds, attributed to marijuana’s psychoactive effects. In contrast, CBD, a cannabinoid not known to cause euphoria, is legal for recreational purposes when derived from hemp. It is permitted to use CBD derived from hemp or marijuana.

CBD is a component found in some sex enhancement products, but not THC. You can exploit the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD with topical creams, ointments, or lubricants.

According to Kimberly Koehler, CBD-based lubricants may help women with endometriosis, chronic pelvic pain, and other problems relieve inflammation and increase circulation, improving sexual function and arousal. Women who experience pain during menstruation can also use a topical CBD product. Many women report that the THC in marijuana causes their vaginal tissues to become dry. CBD-based lubricants can counteract that side effect.


If you are interested in experimenting with cannabis, you should also consider how it will affect your sex life. Even though recreational and medicinal marijuana use is now legal, living elsewhere where it is not legal could put you at risk.

It’s possible to run into legal and ethical issues even if it’s legal in the state where it is practiced.

Final Words

There is no cure-all for sexual dysfunction or relationship issues, and cannabis won’t fix most causes. You may find that using marijuana to enhance libido and enhance your sex life is one more way to spice things up if you are looking to experiment legally.

The use of cannabis as an aphrodisiac has been around for centuries in many cultures. This practice dates back to India’s seventh century, and there is evidence that cannabis was used in Chinese texts, among Germanic tribes, and by many African cultures for sexual health.

If you want to know more about weed, contact us, and we would be happy to assist you.


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