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Have a Merry Dank Christmas With These Cannabis Recipes

have a merry dank christmas with these cannabis recipes

If you’re looking for a cannabis-infused twist to your Christmas dinner, look no further than these recipes! Whether you’re cooking for a party or just want to enjoy some holiday treats with family and friends, these dank dishes are sure to be a hit. From THC-laced eggnog to marijuana mashed potatoes, there’s something here for everyone. We hope you have the happiest of holidays with your loved ones and a Merry Dank Christmas!

Cannabis-Infused Eggnog

Spiked eggnog is always a hit during the holidays, so why not try spiking it up with some cannabis? This eggnog recipe calls for 1/4 oz of ground cannabis and a few other ingredients, making it the perfect way to get your guests in the holiday spirit. Serve up with extra nutmeg or cinnamon for a truly festive feel.

Marijuana Mashed Potatoes

These buttery mashed potatoes are infused with THC-infused oil, creating a creamy, delicious side dish that is sure to be a hit. Try adding some bacon bits or herbs to make them even more flavorful!

Cannabis Cranberry Sauce

Add some holiday cheer to your table with this cannabis-infused cranberry sauce. Not only does it look beautiful on the plate but it’s also easy to make and tastes great too!

Cannabis Hot Chocolate

There are few things as comforting as a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold day. Combined with the healing properties of cannabis, it is no surprise that many people are now seeking out cannabis-infused hot chocolate recipes. Preparing a delicious cup of Cannabis Hot Chocolate can be surprisingly simple. Start by heating up two cups of your favorite milk and adding two tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder, plus two teaspoons of cannabis tincture or butter. For those seeking extra decadence, try incorporating white chocolate chips or adding nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla for additional flavors. Once everything is melted together and steaming hot, add sugar or honey to taste and top off with marshmallows for a truly luxurious experience. The result? A comforting cup of chocolaty goodness that will leave your taste buds delighted – along with the added therapeutic benefits of quality-crafted cannabis. For an especially special treat, you can even serve this creamy concoction in homemade edible bowls made from crisped tortillas! Enjoy!

Spiced Cannabis Mulled Wine

If you’re looking for a warming and comforting drink to enjoy this winter, then look no further than spiced mulled cannabis-infused wine. This unique concoction offers a cozy blend of red wine, spices, sugar, and cannabis. You can make it either with cannabutter or CBD isolate to adjust the dose level; mix in your favorite herbs and spices like cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, clove, and bay leaf; and finish it off with some orange juice for sweetness. The result is an earthy yet full-bodied beverage with a subtle kick of herbaceous flavor that provides a tasty way to relax the body and mind after long days spent outdoors in the cold. Whether enjoyed post-skiing or with friends on wintry nights spent huddled together around the fireplace, spiced cannabis mulled wine is an easy way to savor sweeter evenings as we wait for spring to come again.

Green Salad with Hemp Seeds and Lemon Vinaigrette

A healthy salad doesn’t have to be boring; it can easily become a flavorful and nourishing meal with the addition of some simple ingredients. A favorite is a green salad made with fresh greens, hemp seeds, and a zesty lemon vinaigrette. The hemp seeds give the salad texture and nuttiness, while their rich omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids provide lasting energy throughout the day. With cucumbers for crunch, sprouts for extra fiber, and green onions for an extra kick of flavor, this light meal is far from dull. The tangy homemade lemon vinaigrette helps to bring everything together in perfect harmony. Once you have the basic components prepared, you can customize your salad with your favorite toppings – croutons, cheese, avocado slices – anything! This simple yet invigorating creation makes eating healthy easy and delicious. Enjoy!

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Marijuana-Infused Butter

Roasting butternut squash for a soup is a delicious way to make use of this versatile vegetable and transform it into something special. With the addition of marijuana-infused butter, that flavor takes the dish to another level. Start by peeling and cutting your butternut squash into cubes, drizzling with olive oil, and sprinkling with salt before baking in the oven. Once cooked to perfection, scoop out the tender flesh and place it in a blender with some cream, garlic, onion and spices. Begin blending at low speed before increasing to medium-high, then add the marijuana-infused butter near the end of blending time, allowing everything to come together into one delicious smooth soup. Serve heated up with chili flakes or any other preferred garnish and enjoy this hearty yet balanced meal. With hints of both sweetness from the roasted butternut squash and creamy herbs from the cannabis-enriched butter, this flavorful soup will not disappoint!

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Jam and Ganja Gruyère

If you’re looking for a new way to jazz up your grilled cheese sandwiches, why not try adding some jam and gruyère? With its sweet tangy flavor and creaminess, jam makes a great contrast with the milder taste of gruyère cheese. To transform this classic sandwich into an unforgettable treat, simply mix some freshly melted butter, a handful of diced Gruyère cheese and dollop of your favorite fruity jam in a bowl. Heat a skillet over low heat, then swirl the mixture around until it’s melted. Slice some wheat bread into slices, place them onto the skillet and let that melt within 3-4 minutes. When all these ingredients are already hot and melty in the skillet, simply remove from heat and assemble your mouthwatering Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Jam and Ganja Gruyère–a perfect snack for those cheesy, comfort food cravings! Enjoy!

Classic Brownies Made With Weed

Brownies are one of the most beloved baked treats in the world. From the ooey-gooey centers to the crisp edges, it’s hard to resist a hot brownie with its fudgy chocolate goodness. But what if you could take this classic treat up a notch and make classic brownies with weed? That’s right: you can infuse your culinary creations with cannabis and get delicious results! By using high quality cannabis flower or concentrates, you’ll be able to cook up some seriously tasty edibles. Making classic brownies with weed is definitely a process, but it’s fairly straightforward once you have the necessary ingredients on hand. You’ll need an infusion of either cannabutter or cannabis oil, cocoa powder, sugar, eggs, butter (regular in this case!) and of course—weed. Once these components are brought together into a batter and transferred to an oven safe dish for baking, you can enjoy your new favorite version of everyone’s favorite treat! Just be sure to dose each square appropriately so that all guests have an enjoyable time sharing these deliciously doped up brownies. Enjoy!

Try a Weed Joint or Spliff

If you’re looking for a different way to enjoy your marijuana, why not try rolling up a joint or spliff? A joint is simply a hand-rolled cigarette containing cannabis only, whereas a spliff has the addition of tobacco. Rolling joints or spliffs can be surprisingly easy to do once you get the hang of it…and there’s something special about enjoying your weed this way. Start by grabbing some smoking papers and grinding up enough marijuana for one good sized joint. Once ground, use the rolling paper to shape it into a cone with your fingers; then add in any extra herbs like dried lavender, rose petals, mint leaves or even other strains of cannabis if desired. Tamp down lightly before twisting off the end and voila! You have yourself a joint or spliff ready to light up and enjoy. This is one of the most traditional ways to consume marijuana, so why not give it a try? Enjoy responsibly!  Just make sure that you buy your weed from a reliable and reputable online weed dispensary.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis-infused edibles are a great way to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without having to smoke it. They come in many different forms and can be made with a variety of ingredients. If you’re looking for something new to try this winter, we recommend giving one of these recipes a go. From cannabis hot chocolate to grilled cheese sandwiches with ganja Gruyère, there’s something for everyone! What will you make first?

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