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How to Roll a Good Joint in Mississauga?

how to roll a good joint

Whether you’ve had any marijuana or not, there’s no way that you don’t recognize the icon of the weed industry. Yes, we’re talking about the joint. The joint is recognized around the world as the symbol of cannabis consumption. Even after so many years and so many innovations, the joint is still an important part of the cannabis experience and everyone wants to enjoy it. Expert cannabis connoisseurs set store by the joint.

People still judge you by your joint-rolling capabilities and if you are not up to the task, it shows that you are not a serious smoker.

Today, we are going to share with you the ultimate guide to rolling your joint.


What You Need to Roll a Joint

  • Paper for rolling
  • Marijuana
  • It’s best to use a grinder (otherwise you’ll have to use your fingers or scissors)
  • Matches or lighters
  • Paper filter or crutch (many rolling papers come with filters)


The Steps Involved in Rolling a Joint

Here are the steps you need to take to roll the perfect joint.


1. Grind up to 1 gram of cannabis.

The buds should be removed from the stems, and don’t ground into a fine powder, as that will make it hard to inhale. Additionally, you will need less cannabis to fill a spliff (a joint made of cannabis and tobacco).


2. Place a Filter Inside One End of The Rolling Paper

With a “crutch,” you can smoke your joint all the way down without burning your lips or fingers, or getting loose grains of weed on your lips. The process eliminates the “roach” as well – the remaining tip of a joint that is often saved for a later session.


To create a small, cylindrical filter, take a piece of hard paper (most rolling paper packages have thick paper filters attached, just detach and roll them), and roll it until you get a small, cylindrical filter. Keep it closed so that you won’t get any plant matter in your mouth, but don’t let it be so tight that you can’t inhale strongly.


3. Place The Ground Cannabis Inside The Rolling Paper

Take the ground cannabis and put it in the basin of the rolling paper. Tamp it down, but not too hard or the pul won’t be smooth.


4. Roll the Paper Up

Use your fingers for this step and roll the paper back and forth. Make sure that you don’t roll it too tight. Also, don’t leave it too loose.


5. Lick and Close the Paper

Don’t lick it too much or it’ll stay wet for longer. Once the joint is dry, you can light it up. If you end up wetting it more, use a lighter or a match to dry it. Just flick the flame over it for a few moments.


How to Roll a Cone Joint

Probably the most iconic shape of a joint today is the cone-shaped tip that slowly expands from the filter part. And making one isn’t too difficult. To create a baseball bat-shaped joint, place more weed towards the end opposite the filter after the weed has been placed in the basin of the paper.


As you move towards the end of the joint, roll the gum paper over the filter and over the bottom of the joint. Also, twist the joint and lick the gum slowly as you work your way up. Take the joint, and tap it on a table with the filter pointing down after you’ve sealed it to the tip of the joint (the wide end of the cone). When this happens, the weed will settle at the tip and leave a small gap in the paper. After tamping it down further with a pencil or pen, you can seal up the end and get ready to smoke. You can easily get your favourite hybrid strain from an online weed dispensary in Mississauga and use it to roll a cone joint.


How to Roll a Fat Joint

Often referred to as a fatty, a fat joint is perfect for sharing in a circle. The whole point of a fatty is that it has a higher level of marijuana than usual, and is better suited for when you’re already high, or when you’re with friends. You can roll a fat joint by adding more weed than you normally would to a normal joint. Extra-large papers can also be purchased and filled accordingly.


How to Roll a Cross Joint

After making its debut in “Pineapple Express” a few years ago, the cross joint has not only become a household name but is also a fun option. In addition to the rolling papers, you should have a sharp tool, a filter, and some ground cannabis. Fill one paper with weed, place a rolled-up filter at the end, roll it, seal it, and set it aside.


Put cannabis on a paper, roll it up from the center, lick it, and close it. After ripping off the ends of the second joint, use a pocket knife to make a hole about 3/4th into the first joint.

Making the hole with the knife in the middle of the second joint and sliding it through the hole in the first, forming a cross, make sure that the hole you put in the center of the second joint lines up with the hole in the first joint.

The third rolling paper should be used to wrap around the cross joint where the two joints meet after removing the sticky side. The second portion of the rolling paper should be used in a similar manner.


Rolling with hash

The benefits of rolling a joint with hash are numerous. Rolling a joint with hash requires preparing some weed, along with a paper and filter. Taking a small piece of hash, about the size of a tic-tac, hold it between your fingers, and heat it with a lighter until it is softened and can be crumbled over the weed.


Alternatively, you can try putting it in an aluminum foil bowl, then heating it with a lighter until it smokes. The hash can also be rolled between your hands until it makes a long, thin strip that is then placed in the basin along with the cannabis if it’s particularly sticky. Imagine yourself making a Play-Doh “snake” as a child.


Final Words

In contrast to tools such as a bong, pipe, or dab rig, smoking a joint allows you to relax at your own pace without having to spend money on paraphernalia. Smoking a joint also provides many people with the sensation of deep, deliberate breathing, which is almost like meditation in and of itself. You can contact our online weed dispensary for all types of strains, hash, and more.

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