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How To Select The Right Cannabis Strain in Burlington

choosing the right weed cannabis strain in burlington

Ask any budtender or a cannabis customer representative from an online weed dispensary, and they’ll tell you that the question they are asked the most is, “What is the right cannabis strain for me?” or “How should I select the right cannabis strain?” The answer, alas, is not that simple. Also, the answer is not with the budtenders or the cannabis customer representatives of an online weed dispensary in Burlington. The answer lies within YOU. Of course, people can make suggestions, but it is a trial and error process when it comes down to it.

So, how can you start this process? Which strain should you start from? Should it be a sativa or an indica, or maybe a hybrid? You can order from an online weed dispensary and then throw it all away if you don’t like it. Similarly, you can’t just walk into a local weed store and ask for a popular sativa for a tasting. You have to determine the effects you’re looking for and then look for a cannabis strain that offers them. For this purpose, you’ll have to know the original landrace families, cannabinoids, terpenes, and more so you can make a well-informed decision.


What Is A Cannabis Strain in Burlington?

Cannabis used to grow naturally all over the world. These were the original strains called the “landraces.” They grew in places like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Mexico, Thailand, and Colombia. The variation in climate also led to variations in cannabis cultivars that look, smell, taste, and feel differently. Over time, these variations and seeds were flown worldwide, cross-bred and cross-bred again, eventually resulting in all the cannabis strains available today. This cross-breeding is why you might hear someone say, “everything is a hybrid.”


The Cannabis Ancestory You Should Know to Understand Hybrids

A few forefathers rose to the top among the hybrids bred through the crossing and backcrossing landrace strains. Three cannabis families are best known: Haze, Kush, and Skunk. Chemdog and Afghan strains shined as well, but we’ll focus on these three for this article.


Haze Cannabis Strain

Haze is the OG sativa strain created in the 1960s by crossing pure landrace sativa strains. The uplifting and high-energy effects of Haze are one of the reasons we think sativas should make you feel upbeat and ready for anything. Due to its dominant traits, Haze has spawned countless hybrids over the years, and the reason strains like Super Silver Haze and Blue Dream feel as they do is because of their dominant traits. We owe a lot to R. & J. Haze for that.


Skunk #1 Cannabis Strain

One of the old-school strains from the 1970s, Skunk #1 or simply Skunk, is the basis for many modern Skunk hybrids available in dispensaries today. One of the most popular is Super Skunk, and another is UK Cheese. Skunk #1 and UK Cheese, like the original Skunk # 1, also have a solid funky odour and potent effects associated with indica-dominant hybrids. You can see Skunk in a product and know that it’s likely to get you stoned, regardless of whether it’s a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid strain. Acapulco Gold, Colombian Gold, and Afghani genes were crossed to create Skunk #1 by Sam The Skunkman.


Kush Cannabis Strain

The OG Kush strain. There isn’t anything more to say, is there? The perfect balance of potency and euphoria is what makes OG Kush so popular. The strain has gone on to become California’s backbone strain. The strain was developed by Matt Bubba Berger in Florida and brought to fruition by Josh D in Los Angeles. OG Kush may have been the best cannabis strain ever created. Because of its genetics and legend, we are accustomed to receiving a stoney head high that eventually spreads into the body when we look at Kush packages.

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How To Choose The Best Cannabis Strain

If you study different families of cannabis strains versus specific kinds and go from there, you will be able to find which strains work best for you. The GSC strains are an excellent example of this. Girls Scout Cookies, or GSC for short, is the newest California strain and is taking the world by storm. A sativa-dominant blend of Durban Poison and OG Kush gives users a long-lasting, stoney high with intense cerebral effects.


Sativa is the type of cannabis that makes you feel happy, creative, and relaxed — chances are a budtender will direct you there if you walk into a dispensary. You can choose from Haze, Kush, Skunk, and Cookies hybrids in that section. There are many types of cannabis, so everything labelled as a sativa won’t produce the same effects, although many budtenders will claim that fact. Your experience from trial and error with cannabis will prove valuable here.


Those who have previously smoked Haze and found it racy probably shouldn’t try Lemon Haze pre-rolls. You probably won’t want those Wedding Cake dabs if you’ve tried Kush strains and they left you feeling uncomfortable. You will likely want something similar if you tried GSC and felt calm, clear-headed, and ready to paint for hours. Currently, there are not many pure GSC strains available. Cookie descendants include Gelato, Thin Mint, and Platinum GSC, so that’s where your next favourite strain can be found.



All in all, choosing the suitable strains will always be easiest if you use your positive cannabis experiences and which genetics provided them as a guide. Also, look at the cannabinoids and terpenes and their overall effects. Once you have a good understanding of these, you will easily pick your favourite strains. For more information, contact us, and we’d be happy to help.

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