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How To Tell If You’re Stoned or High: What’s The Difference

how to tell if you’re stoned or high what’s the difference

Have you ever found yourself wondering what the difference is between being stoned and being high? Whether you’re a newbie to cannabis or have been experimenting with it for a while, understanding the nuances of each experience can help enhance your overall enjoyment. But how exactly do we define ‘stoned’ and ‘high’?

In this blog post, we’ll dive into these two terms and explore the differences between them so that you know exactly what to expect when using cannabis safely and responsibly.

What is Being Stoned?

Stoned is a word used to describe the euphoria and relaxation one experiences after consuming marijuana. This is typically caused by THC, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the primary active ingredient in cannabis that works on the endocannabinoid system.

Unlike many other drugs, being stoned by weed does not typically result in an impaired judgment or mental clarity, which can lead to feeling out-of-control or disoriented. Being stoned by weed instead brings forth positive emotions like joy and relaxation while heightening sensory awareness and the appreciation of music, art, food, and more. Therefore, it is no surprise that marijuana has recently become popular among recreational users.

What is Being High?

Being high is a beautiful feeling. It transcends the tangible and enters into a realm of its own. Whether inhaling a herb, sipping on alcohol or laughing with friends, the high feeling allows us to view the world differently while still engaging with it. Our senses are heightened, and moments that usually feel mundane become special.

Not only does being high bring endless amounts of joy, but it also helps provide a space for connections, breaks down walls and brings people closer together in conversation, art and music. Being high can offer solace or thrills – depending on the person and their situation – allowing us to focus on discovering ourselves and what connects us.

Difference Between Being High and Being Stoned

While most people know that high and stoned are both results of using marijuana, they might not realize the slight differences between the two feelings. Being high usually means that your senses and cognitive functions have heightened, and even small actions like brushing your hair or tasting food can become impractical journeys of pleasure. On the other hand, getting stoned is like switching off your sense of awareness while still being cognizant; you will be more relaxed than high but won’t necessarily feel the same level of enhanced sensations. The difference is subtle but can be noticed by those familiar with marijuana use.

How To Tell If You’re Stoned

Being ‘stoned’ is a feeling that can be defined in a few different ways; however, it usually refers to the physical and mental effects brought about by smoking or consuming marijuana. One of the main tell-tale signs that you are stoned is an altered sense of time, where minutes will feel like hours, and tasks may take longer than usual.

Additionally, smokers may experience dry mouth, increased appetite, and heightened sensitivity to sound and light. Other effects may include relaxed muscles with amplified sensations in touch and taste, visual distortions such as looking at objects as if they were moving, anxiety or paranoia, which can sometimes be overwhelming, and an inability to concentrate. Being mindful of these effects can serve as a good indication of whether someone is under the influence.

How To Tell If You’re High

Feeling high can be an enjoyable and surreal experience, but it helps you stay aware of your body to ensure you’re in control. One way to tell if you are high is by noticing any changes in feelings of time – this could involve either feeling like time is passing too quickly or too slowly. You may also see alterations in the senses such as heightened responsiveness to sights, sounds, smells and tastes; colours appearing brighter or objects looking distorted.

Additionally, being high can lead to impaired motor skills and coordination and a lessening of inhibition and judgment; this might mean having difficulty carrying out basic tasks such as walking around or cleaning your room. Overall, it’s essential to be mindful while experiencing the effects of being high so that it remains a positive and safe experience.

Benefits of Being Stoned vs. Being High

There has always been a debate over whether being ‘stoned’ or ‘high’ offers more benefits to users. On the one hand, being stoned usually involves lower concentrations of THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, which means it is not as overwhelmingly psychedelic as getting high would be.

Many people enjoy the unique capabilities of being stoned, gaining access to a deeper level of creativity and productivity during daily tasks, for instance. Others instead favour the heightened psychoactivity of substances like LSD and mushrooms; this can profoundly alter your perspective on life and create genuinely life-changing experiences.

In conclusion, both states have unique benefits depending on the user experience someone is looking for.

What To Use To Get High or Stoned

Getting high and stoned requires more than just a good attitude; you need the right products too. Weed-based products like marijuana, hashish, and edibles are all popular options for getting high and stoned. Not to mention their distinct effects, which depend on the strain type or product used. However, many don’t know that other alternatives, such as tinctures or topicals made from cannabis-infused oils, offer a unique way of taking your pot to get down with whatever look you’re going after. For those looking to get stoned without smoking anything, vaping or taking a dab of hash oil is an ideal option because it eliminates the smoke stickiness yet still delivers the desired results.

Final Words

So, how do you tell if you’re high or stoned? The short answer is that it’s all about the experience. You’re likely high if you feel like you’re living in a dream world or have lost touch with reality. On the other hand, if you feel more relaxed and mellow, then you might be experiencing the effects of being stoned. Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule, so if you’re ever unsure whether you’ve had too much cannabis, just ask your friends! They will undoubtedly be happy to offer their insights (and probably a good laugh). At any rate, we hope this article has helped shed some light on the difference between being high and being stoned also reminds you that whether you get high or stoned, make sure to do it using safe and trusted products from an online weed dispensary. Thanks for reading, and happy smoking!

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