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Merry and Mary Jane: Creative Ways to Incorporate Cannabis into Your Christmas Decorations in Canada

creative ways to incorporate cannabis into your christmas decorations in canada

Hohoo! ‘Tis the jolliest season of the year indeed – it’s time to get festive with your Christmas decorations. If you need some holly, jolly artistry that’s just “extra,” consider taking it up a notch with cannabis-themed decorations!

Whether you want to emphasize your Green Thumb – get it. – or show off those stylish and unique willowy accents; adding marijuana leaf décor can elevate your Christmas display.

Glad tidings of good news (and cannabis), here are some excellent suggestions: try crafting some sparkly green tree ornaments and jazz up some of your interior mantels with festive holiday garlands made from dried flowers.

Set your sights on creating a cannabis Christmas carnival in your casa – light it up, and Ol’ St. Nick will be impressed!

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Christmas Cannabis

What is Christmas cannabis? That’s one question on many people’s minds this holiday season. And if anyone knows Christmas cannabis, it’s the gorgeous land of Canada. Stereotype or not, Canada is home to some of the best buds!

From British Columbia to Ontario, Canadians everywhere have been losing their minds, wondering what it would be like to light a Christmas Tree on fire with delicious nuggets of natural greenery. Another common phrase heard? “Please don’t tell Santa”. After all, it’s one of the few rights of passage of a True Canadian Christmas.

Plus, due to the country’s increasingly lenient approach to marijuana, curious minds everywhere wonder if shoppers can find a good selection of Christmas cannabis during their Christmas shopping sprees. From Calgary to the Maritimes, many of Canada’s provinces are stocking up with plenty of delicious weed to spice up the typical holiday thoughts of cider, cookies, and fruitcake.

Funny, funny Canadians. “Small evergreen trees with sweet strains to show” has become a frequent phrase, creating a festive environment with fireplaces filled with Christmas cannabis. From Calgary to Winnipeg, who knows what surprises will arrive when opening presents this December? There may just be a new pack of rolling papers tucked away, and not just the typical thick sweaters and socks!

Get Crafty with Cannabis Leaves and Buds

Are you looking to spruce up your festive spirit this holiday season? Turn to nature and grab those cannabis leaves! Crafting Christmas ornaments and wreaths with marijuana is a great way to steal the show.

You can put your creative hat on and start by harvesting those Christmas greens. Hempings make the perfect holiday canvas, plus they give a festive burst of colours! Once you’re all set with the leaves, add in some paint, ribbons, and any other decoration stuff you like; voila! You’ll be sure to have a cannabis holiday party on everyone’s mind.

But that’s not just it! Did anyone get geeky weed jars funny? Strand some weed buds to make wreaths for your door and tabletop decorations. Want to keep everyone jolly? Get mini ornament pots for your friends, showcasing sparkling snowy buds.

So hop onto the holiday ride of weed decor with decorations and crafts that sparkle and shine. Get wild and let your inner stoner show! But don’t forget, if you want to order marijuana straight to your door, read our how-to-order guide now.

Create a Cozy Ambiance with CBD Candles

Step 1: Get into it. Gather oversized clothes, whip out your remote, and queue up some cozy, chill tunes.

Step 2: Bring out the CBD candles! Light them up to begin setting the mood.

Step 3: Banish distractions by divvying out specific ‘afk’ (away from keyboard) zones. Fill the area with fluffy blankets, fuzzy pillows, and warm lighting.

Step 4: pipeline some hot cocoa — vegan, for us health nuts, of course — and channel Morticia Adams as much as you wish. Spooky, mellow stuff will get the vibe going.

Step 5: With snacks galore and your room’s vibe, hunker down and Unplug to Recharge. Just remember: a chill approach has a better outcome. Take it slow and go with the flow. Enter the world of less stress, more doze and…TADA! You’ve officially created a cozy tribe-squat filled with seamless vibes and a sunny attitude.

Show Off Your Artistic Side by Painting a Cannabis Santa Claus or Snowman

Christmas brings a chance to show off your artistic side! If you’re feeling creative and want to give a unique spin to your festive decorations, how about painting a cannabis Santa Claus or a marijuana snowman?

A little extra artistry is sure to put some holiday hilarity into your household and get everybody’s attention right away.

Getting creative with your weed stash motivation is precisely what you need to work your own unique spin on this winter wonderland art project!

Start with acrylic paint, a blank canvas and your favourite cannabis strains, and get painting!

Whether it’s a surfing Santa Claus or an old-school turf vinyl snowman.

Just take a pinch of cannabis to fire up those creative juices as your shade and block out the whole scene.

If you don’t have where to score those munchies, why not head to Doorbud and get weed online? We have the hottest selection of premium quality buds. Nothing laughter can stop.

Once your hilarious design is ready, stand back and enjoy as everyone folds into bouts of giggles!

Hang Some Dried Cannabis Flowers Around the House

Looking for an enchanting yet quirky twist to traditional Christmas decorations? Hang some beautiful, dried Cannabis flowers around your house! Guaranteed to give all your guests a good chuckle!

Take decoration to an unexpected level with this festive alternative – string up those highly detailed flowers and be prepared to have your living room looking swankier than ever!

Put Cannabis flowers in your decor lineup! Not only do these intricate buds give off a rich and herbal aroma, but they also add a bit of surprise to your festive decorations.

Precisely what your holiday season has been missing: snowflake ornaments and sweet smelling Cannabis? Likely, yes! So give your holiday decor a unique touch and hang some dried Cannabis flowers in honour of the season. It’ll liven up your Christmas festivities; forget the egg nog…feel the marijuana fog!


Get creative this year and have fun while making your holiday decorations cannabis-friendly. And if you need any ideas or inspiration, don’t hesitate to contact us! We love helping our customers find new and exciting ways to express their love of cannabis throughout the holiday season. Let us share in the festivities as we make Merry and Mary Jane together!

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