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Try These Best Marijuana Strains for Sleep and Insomnia

cannabis weed marijuana for insomnia

At some point in our lives, we all experience insomnia. This occurs when we cannot sleep well or simply cannot sleep. Occasionally, it’s ok to miss a few hours of sleep intentionally. You will not be able to be productive during the day if you are constantly sleep-deprived.

You may need a prescription for a sleeping pill if you have trouble falling asleep or sleeping peacefully. Marijuana for sleep is an effective method of treating insomnia. Cannabis strains vary greatly in their sleep-inducing properties, however.

Trial-and-error is usually required to find the best marijuana for sleeping. This article is for anyone looking for weed for sleep or just curious about it. Additionally, we’ll tell you about the best marijuana strains for sleeping.

Does Weed Help with Insomnia?

Several medical conditions can be relieved by cannabis, including insomnia. What makes cannabis so effective in improving sleep? Is marijuana proven to improve sleep?

Because of limited resources for research, there is no concrete statement that supports the weed for sleep debate. According to available research, cannabis compounds act on the endocannabinoid system in the body. Weed regulates this system, so it’s recommended for insomnia.

According to Healthline, the modern lifestyle disrupts the natural sleep cycle, which marijuana can restore. You should be able to get some sleep using cannabis for sleep, regardless of whether you are having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, waking up early, or feeling tired.

There is a strong relationship between cannabis and insomnia and its symptoms in research. People who use marijuana have reported reduced sleep time and a more restful night’s sleep.

CBD Vs THC: Which One Affects Sleep?

THC is responsible for the effects of cannabis. Marijuana plants contain compounds such as THC and CBD. The sedative effects of THC allow you to fall asleep more quickly and remain asleep for longer. REM sleep, however, is often suppressed by this chemical. Dreaming occurs during this sleep period.

Stage three sleep is deep sleep, in which THC increases. Insomniacs and human health generally benefit from this stage. There are, however, some side effects associated with THC. Tolerance to THC varies from person to person. That means that high THC is likely to cause anxiety, which will keep you awake.

Consider the CBD content of cannabis if you experience anxiety while using it for sleep. CBD is a non-psychoactive component of marijuana plants that relieves anxiety, reduces pain, and relaxes the body. Good sleep depends on all these factors. To find the best strain for insomnia, you should balance THC and CBD.

Sedative and Sleep Terpenes

A terpene is an aromatic compound found in plants. Terpenes are also beneficial for health. Consider its terpene profile when looking for the best marijuana for insomnia.

Among the best cannabis for sleeping, you’ll find Myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene. There is a high likelihood that you will spend the evening glued to the couch while taking Myrcene. In addition to reducing anxiety and stress, caryophyllene also reduces pain.

For insomnia and anxiety, you might need to try several strains of marijuana but keep your eye on the terpenes. Various strains of cannabis contain different amounts of these terpenes. That is why some marijuana strains are more effective than others at helping you sleep. When you look into the right places, it will reduce your time searching for the best weed for sleep.

Indica or Sativa for Sleep?

Indica and Sativa are the two broad categories of cannabis plants. There is no correlation between the classification criteria and chemical properties. A short, bushy plant is known as an indica, whereas a sativa describes a long, slender plant. In other words, hybrid flowers combine traits of both types.

As described earlier, it is best to look at the terpene profile, the CBD, and the THC content when looking for the best strain for insomnia. Because of their couch-lock effects, Indicas and Indica-dominant hybrids are regarded as the best marijuana for sleep. Choose strains that are high in THC from an online weed dispensary.

Why does Indica Make You Sleep?

The best cannabis for insomnia comes from Indicas and Indica-dominant hybrids. But why are Indicas better for sleep than Sativas?

Due to its fewer psychedelic effects and physical body high, Indica is somnolent. The energy and uplifting head high of Sativa are sure to keep you on your toes. For the best sleep, you need a high-THC/high-CBD indica. You will stay calm and relaxed with the most relaxing indica strains.

Best Marijuana Strains for Sleep

Granddaddy Purple

As one of the strongest Indica strains on the planet, Granddaddy Purple has the most extensive history. The high THC and low CBD content make it one of the best strains for insomnia. You will also be glued to the couch thanks to this marijuana strain’s myrcene terpene.

As a sedative and muscle relaxant, Granddaddy purple can help you sleep well. However, this strain is not recommended for newbies because it is very potent. It is also not recommended for people with a low tolerance for THC.

Northern Lights

Its high THC content also makes Northern Lights one of the most popular weeds for sleep. Similarly psychoactive, it should not be used by novice smokers. Smoking a few puffs of Northern Lights before bed will help you sleep better, even if you are a die-hard pothead.

Our list of the best marijuana for insomnia includes Northern Lights, which contains pinene and myrcene terpenes.

Bubba Kush

The terpenes delta-limonene, beta-myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene in Bubba Kush aid in sleep. Bubba Kush can ease insomnia symptoms. Weed strains like this one are CBD-rich cannabis flowers, ideal for counteracting the effects of THC.


GG4 has been the winner of the Cannabis Cup many times for its sleep properties. The THC content in GG4 is between 17-30%, while the CBD content is low. A CBD content of less than 0.1% is not enough to balance its psychoactive effects.

Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and limonene are the most abundant terpenes in GG4. Because of this combination, GG4 is one of the best strains for sleep. You will feel less stress and less pain if you have high levels of caryophyllene.

Girl Scout Cookies

You can try out GSC if you have insomnia. After just a few puffs of this highly potent cannabis, you’ll be glued to the bed due to the high levels of THC and caryophyllene. Some stoners claim that it helps with insomnia.


Sleeping is made easier with Mochi, an excellent hybrid strain. The strain has one of the highest levels of CBD, which counteracts the effects of THC. Mochi has 21% THC on average.

The terpenes myrcene and pinene in Mochi produce a relaxing and sedating effect. People who suffer from anxiety and insomnia enjoy its relaxing effects.

Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush, available now from DNA Genetics as seeds, was originally a clone-only strain originating from Los Angeles. In addition to winning Best Indica at both the 2010 and 2011 High Times Cannabis Cups, Kosher Kush was named Best Strain in 2011.

Wedding Cake

By helping you to manage chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia, Wedding Cake can also help you get a good night’s sleep. A powerful therapeutic high, Wedding Cake’s THC level exceeds 20%, with a strong Indica inclination. Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and limonene dominate the terpene profile.

Purple Kush

One of the top cannabis strains for sleep is Purple Kush. CBD levels are lower than 0.1%, containing 22% THC. Due to its sedative properties and pain-relieving effects, it completes this list. If you suffer from body aches and pains, this is the best marijuana for insomnia. After entering your system, it will induce deep sleep.


People might suffer from insomnia due to various reasons. They may be stressed out or have anxiety. The above-mentioned cannabis strains can help them battle this ailment and have a good night’s sleep. Contact us for the home delivery of the highest-quality Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains as well as other cannabis products.

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