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Vaping Weed vs Smoking Weed in Milton. Which is better?

vaping vs smoking

If you are a stoner and can’t decide how to smoke your cannabis, you will find this article very useful. In this article, we will discuss vaping weed vs smoking weed in Milton and which is better? There are hundreds of ways to consume marijuana these days in Milton. But when it comes to vaping or smoking, you got to make a choice. Although vaping altogether is safe, some still stick to smoking their cannabis.

There are many ways you can smoke cannabis. You can use blunts, bongs and the most common way is smoking with a joint. Using cannabis is not about just getting high; there are many therapeutic benefits as well. Some ways contain irritating chemicals, and there are easy ones that are safer. Some may cause respiratory problems, while some don’t.

Smoking Weed In Milton

Smoking weed is very interesting. There’s the traditional way of doing it, with joints and blunts, and then there are more modern ways of consuming cannabis. Here we are going to discuss some common ways to consume cannabis.


Joints are the most common way to consume cannabis. If you are an experienced stoner, you might know its ins and outs. But new users still have some things to learn if they want to get the ultimate experience. Joints are sometimes referred to as marijuana cigarettes and are popular among everyone. They are made by packing marijuana into a rolling paper. Stoners also use filters while smoking that help them get a seamless experience. It would help if you had a herb grinder to break down your marijuana so you can add it to your rolling paper, or you could do it with your fingers. Remember to cut and remove the stem from your marijuana herb so you can have all the good stuff. The next step is to roll your filter if you like smoking your joint with it. Start folding your filter paper in accordion style because that is how everybody rolls it. Roll your paper lengthwise and fill your crushed weed carefully, then pinch your filled paper between your fingertips and roll it into a cube shape cone. Light it and enjoy!


Blunts are like cigars filled with cannabis. They are big and last longer. One common thing is rolling the blunt, which is similar to a joint. The only difference between a joint and a blunt is the paper you use when rolling them. Blunt wraps are made from tobacco leaves which means they contain nicotine. Blunts contain more toxic chemicals, which makes their hits harder and stronger. This reason is why a stoner who smokes blunts usually feels a slight irritation after taking just a few hits. To roll a blunt, you need a herb grinder to grind marijuana that you can later add to your blunt. Roll your blunt paper and sprinkle your crushed marijuana. Lick the blunt paper so your blunt won’t open in the middle of smoking. Use a lighter or match to light up your blunt, and enjoy!

Vaping Weed In Milton

Vaping is the new trend, and unlike traditional cigarettes, they help you smoke in a much safer way. They don’t leave behind the odour, and the vaporizers use a battery and a small coil that heats the vape juice until it evaporates and then is inhaled. There are many names for these devices, such as vapes, vape pens, and vaporizers. But each device has a unique way to deliver the smoke. There are three common ways you will most likely encounter when it comes to vaping weed in Milton.

Herb Vaporizers

Herb vaporizers have a chamber where you put dried cannabis flowers. The device heats and activates the THC present in your cannabis and delivers concentrated vapour. The vaporizer heats the cannabis at the right temperature, so it doesn’t burn. This heat minimizes the build-up of carcinogens that you inhale when you use a combustible way of inhaling cannabis. These vaporizers have a temperature control option that lets you adjust the temperature to control the flavour and the vapour as you prefer.

Oil Pens/Vape Pens

Oil pens or weed pens use cannabis oil instead of dry herbs. These oil concentrates are extracted from the cannabis plant and later added to your weed pen. This concentrated oil is less potent than wax but more potent than vaporized herbs. Oil pens are the most common choice for first-time users. They are clean and effortless to handle. There are two types of oil pens, one that you can use only once and dispose of once the oil runs out. The others are reusable and have cartridges filled with flavoured THC oils. The single-cartridge can last for weeks but depends on your consumption.

Which is Better?

Now the real question! Vaping weed vs smoking weed in Milton. Which is better? Vaping weed is much better than smoking weed. There are a plethora of reasons why it is a better way. Depending on your consumption, any form of vaping weed can get you high. Not just that, vaping has some perceived benefits that include:


  •  Less Smell: Cannabis has a strong aroma and smells that many people don’t like. Vaporizer or vape device is entirely odourless, and they minimize the smell because instead of burning cannabis, they evaporate it.
  •  Easy To Use: Vaporizers and vape devices are easy to use, creating no mess. With only a few steps, you can use them as long as you have charged the battery.
  •  Less Cannabis Waste: A vaporizer requires less weed for the desired effects than pipes and joints. It does not mean that the doses will be less potent. You won’t have to inhale more to get perfect effects. It will still be potent.
  •  More Affordable: The upfront cost of purchasing a vaporizer is more but buying concentrates for your weed oil pen is cheaper.
  •  No Secondhand Smoke: Vaping weed does minimize the number of carcinogens that affect others in the vicinity. However, THC can still be detected in secondhand smoke.
  •  Consistent Doses: THC concentrates have consistent doses that you can inhale without the worry of inhaling more than expected. The effects are almost instant and potent.
  •  Cleaner Hits: Vaporizers offer purer and more potent hits compared to other combustible ways. Vaporizers and vape devices have fewer toxins unless your weed is contaminated.

If you want to know more about topics like these, feel free to contact us, and we would be happy to assist you.



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