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At Doorbud, we offer the finest edibles with same-day delivery in Burlington.

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Do you want to get high? Check out our edibles selection. You'll find everything from chocolate bars to gummies, all made with 100% THC and free of artificial ingredients like corn syrup or preservatives! Available for same-day delivery in Burlington.

Edibles in Burlington Same-day Delivery

So you’re having a party and want some cookies, candies, or chocolates that you can enjoy with your friends? Doorbud has the answer for you. Even if you just want to curl up in your favourite chair and enjoy some music or a book, our edibles are your perfect companion. The best part is that we provide same-day delivery, so you don’t have to wait for days to get your hands on the delicious, scrumptious edibles available on our website.

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Free 3.5g Added to all Orders

Why Buy Edibles from an Online Weed Dispensary in Burlington?

Edibles are becoming more and more popular in Canada with each passing day. Here’s why Doorbud is your optimum solution for weed edible cravings.

Wide Variety of Edibles in Burlington

Edibles have seen a high amount of restrictions but still are popular today in Canada. At Doorbud, we provide you with a wide variety of edibles that you can enjoy individually or with friends and experience a long-lasting and smooth high. You can get chocolates, candies, gummies, brownies, and so much more. Just select the product you like, and we’ll provide same-day delivery in Burlington so you can enjoy the flavorful taste and the high.

What Type of Edibles Do We Offer in Burlington?

Here at Doorbud, you’ll find an extensive collection of edibles that you can carry with you and eat whenever you like. Some of the types of edibles we have are:


Gummies are good for recreational use as well as medicinal use. They are easy to carry, delicious, and you can get the right dosage easily. They come in a wide variety of flavours that’ll have you coming back for more.


Who doesn’t like chocolate? At Doorbud, we have the smoothest, tastiest, richest, and creamiest chocolate weed edibles just waiting for you to order them. You could enjoy the chocolate and feel relaxed or invigorated. These have quickly become a staple in any stoner’s inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take before you begin to feel the effects of edibles?

Various factors determine the time it takes for a cannabis edible to take effect. These factors include the edible product’s active ingredient, which could be THC or CBD. If it is THC, the concentration of the cannabinoid affects the onset of effects. Remember that CBD-only cannabis products are not psychoactive. They don’t provide the “high” that people associate with cannabis. The onset of high also depends on where the edible is being broken down, your weight, tolerance, and body fat percentage.

How long do edibles last?

Cannabis edibles last much longer than other methods of cannabis intake. The usual high for any cannabis product is between 2 to 10 hours. When you take edibles, they generally reach peak blood levels in about three hours. That is when you will feel the most intense high. Other factors include the dose present in the edible and the potency. The high also depends on whether the edible is chewed or swallowed. Other factors include metabolism, tolerance, weight, and body fat percentage.