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Generally, edibles are anything that you can eat. Weed edibles are cannabis products that have either THC or CBD in them that you can enjoy anywhere you want, with anyone that you want. Marijuana edibles include drinks, cookies, gummies, candies, chocolates, brownies, and so much more. When it comes to weed edibles, you have to know what you're taking, and the best place to learn about edibles and buy high-quality edibles is Doorbud--your doorway to the best weed products in Mississauga.

Buy delicious, yummy, and premium quality edibles in Mississauga from Doorbud to tickle your tastebuds and experience a long-lasting high with your friends or alone. With our same-day weed delivery, you can enjoy them whenever you want.

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Same Day Delivery of Edibles in Mississauga

Doesn't it frustrate you when the mood to get high hits you but you don't have any weed edibles at hand? You could go to your local weed dispensary only to find out that they are all out of your favourite weed gummies. That is where Doorbud comes into play. We have a wide range of products that are always available, and we offer same-day weed delivery, so you are never out of your favourite chocolate or weed cookies. Our same-day delivery has helped us take care of our customers. Whether you want to enjoy your weekend with friends or curl up in front of the TV and binge-watch your favourite show, Doorbud's same-day delivery service can ensure you enjoy it all.

Types of Edibles Available at DoorBud in Mississauga

Here are some of the treats that we have available for you through our same-day delivery service.


Gummies are the single most popular and common type of edible. These are the type of treats that will get you high with a delightful taste. At our online weed dispensary in Mississauga, you will find many flavours, shapes and sizes of gummy edibles. In Canada, especially in Mississauga, we refer to them as the most adorable type of cannabis. At Doorbud, you can order gummies with only CBD, THC or the combination of both of them because we have it all, and we provide same-day cannabis delivery across Mississauga and beyond.


Apart from chocolate, candies are by far the sweetest marijuana edibles on the surface of the earth. You can find candies on our online weed dispensary. They are the easiest to carry cannabis edibles. With the mixture of simple food colouring, corn syrup, butter and cannabis, the resulting candies are going to become your favourites if they already aren't. At Doorbud, you will find both THC candies and CBD candies. At Doorbud, we have a wide variety of candies for anyone looking to buy weed online, and we offer same-day weed delivery. How sweet can the deal get?


Chocolates are undoubtedly the most consumed treat in the whole wide world. People eat chocolate when they're happy. They eat chocolate when they're sad and depressed, and they eat loads of chocolate on holidays. Combine chocolate with cannabis, and you get the most fun treat on earth: Chocolate edibles! Even people who are not interested in this stuff get curious and want to try it. Once they do, they realize what they were missing the whole time. Chocolate edibles are among the most discreet treats! They are also the lightest and sweet flavoured edibles. Chocolate edibles at Doorbud contain different amounts of THC. You can start from a small amount and make your way to the top, or if you are an experienced stoner, you could start with a high amount. Just make sure you only take what you can tolerate.


Marijuana cookies are one of the most amazing edibles that one can consume. At our online weed dispensary, you can easily find premium quality, lab-tested cannabis cookies. Who does not like cookies? We have delicious chocolate chip-filled weed cookies that can take you high as a kite. Find yourself some tasty-looking cookies at Doorbud and let your friends say that a friend with weed is a friend indeed. You can also refer your friends who want to buy weed online, and they'll thank you for it. At Doorbud, we have everything that a weed enthusiast could want.

How High Can You Get on Edibles in Mississauga?

At Doorbud, we have edibles with CBD, THC, or both. These CBD and THC-infused products are among the best ways to get high without getting noticed if that's what you want. They are also a good way of getting high without smoking. If you use weed for any medical reason, edibles are a good choice for you too. With edibles, you can ensure exact dosage without a problem. We have edibles from trusted and tested growers labelled with the correct information so you can enjoy the high without facing any side effects. Edibles are the tastiest way of taking cannabis among all the other methods. You get to experience the high and tickle your taste buds while you're at it. Each edible is unique in its `own way. Our retailers are trusted and have the top-notch way of processing these edibles into the tastiest treats you will ever taste.

Branded and High-Quality Edibles in Our Cannabis Shop in Mississauga

Another reason why people trust the Doorbud name is our strict quality checking and our promise only to deliver the best mail-order marijuana to them. If you want to buy weed online but are afraid of black market products or homegrown weed that might not have the same quality, just visit Doorbud and browse through our extensive collection of weed edibles. You can buy weed online from us without any risk or fear. You'll always get exactly what you ordered--every time!

Highly Regulated Cannabis Edibles in Mississauga

One drawback of edibles is that there are so many substandard products that people are afraid of. Substandard products increase the chances of side effects, and customers lose their trust in the products. That is why Doorbud is a haven for weed enthusiasts who want the same experience every time. Our mail-order marijuana weed delivery will always bring you the best of the best. What you see on our website is what you will get from our cannabis shop. We only keep highly trusted and tested brands and never compromise on quality.

Wide Variety of Cannabis Edibles in Mississauga

What's the use of edibles if you don't get to experiment? There are a wide variety of edibles out there, and when you want to buy weed online, you should have the option to test them out and find out which one is your favourite. With many choices in front of you, it would be disappointing if you were only stuck with one or two. And with our same-day weed delivery service, you could do that any day of any week.

Affordable Pricing of Weed Edibles at our Online Dispensary in Mississauga

Online weed dispensaries are more affordable than local weed dispensaries because they don't have so many overhead expenses. Here at Doorbud, we always strive to provide weed delivery in Mississauga at the best possible rates, so our customers stay happy and high. Whether you're looking for edibles, cannabis concentrates, or any other high-quality products, you'll find them all at our online dispensary. Doorbud is your trusted partner if you want to buy weed online.

Things to Consider When Buying Weed Online in Mississauga

At Doorbud, not only do we sell the best weed, but we also educate our customers so they can enjoy a relaxing high--every time, all the time. That is why we always recommend that you start slow and make your way up as you go. Here are some things you need to consider when buying weed edibles online. Most people, especially newbies, underestimate the power of edibles and sometimes end up paying the price. We want to make sure that you enjoy your experience and come back to buy weed again and again.

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Edibles Have Delayed Onset

Unlike joints, dabs, and other methods of taking weed, edibles have a delayed onset. This could cause you to consume more, thinking that it's not having an effect. Overconsumption of marijuana has been known to have adverse effects and could lead to severe reactions.

Edibles Have Longer-Lasting Effects

Edibles are not metabolized like other weed products. When you buy weed edibles, make sure that you understand their longer-lasting effects. When you take an edible, it becomes water-soluble. Not only are the effects longer-lasting, but they could also be more pronounced.

Edibles May Have Variable Potency

Ever since the legalization of cannabis, many people have jumped on the bandwagon, trying to make a quick buck. This has given rise to black-market marijuana, which people use to make homemade edibles and more. These may or may not be tested or regulated and could harm the person taking them. Make sure to buy only trusted and tested brands from Doorbud, so you know exactly what you're getting.

Properly Store Your Cannabis Products

One of the problems with edibles is that they look like regular products. You could easily mistake them for regular candies, gummies, chocolate, or someone else could eat them. Unintentional consumption is more common than you think, especially in children. Always make sure to store your weed edibles separately and in a tight container, so children don't have access to it. Label them correctly so there could be no misunderstanding.

Do Not Mix Edibles with Alcohol or Other Substances

Alcohol is already an intoxicating substance and could become more dangerous when mixed with weed. Taking weed and alcohol at the same time can increase the risk of over-intoxication. Cannabis over-intoxication can include anxiety, panic, nausea, vomiting and paranoia.

Find a Comfortable Place When Taking Edibles

One of the best things about edibles is that they are easily portable and can be taken anywhere. But this doesn't mean that you should take them anywhere you want, especially if you want to take large doses. When taking edibles, the best thing is to stay in a familiar place, preferably around familiar faces. This is especially true if it's your first time. As you become accustomed to the high, you can increase the dosage or consume them in different places.

Frequently Asked Questions