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What is Linalool and What are Its Uses in Mississauga?

effects of linalool

Have you ever smelled lavender essential oils? If you have, you know the immediate calming effect that it must have had on you. Ever wondered where that effect came from? Why does lavender soothe us so much? It’s because of a terpene called ‘Linalool.’ Linalool occurs naturally in various plants like lavender and cannabis. It is not the only terpene present; there are others too. All these terpenes are why each cannabis strain has a specific aroma and effects. In cannabis, the terpenes are found in the resinous glands called trichomes and combine with the cannabinoids to give you the effects that we all love.


What is Linalool?

There is a specific reason for cannabis’ lavender scent: linalool. The effects of linalool in cannabis are not fully understood, but it is assumed to provide a sedative or relaxing effects to the user.


There are over 200 plants that contain linalool, such as jasmine, lavender, rosewood, basil, and thyme. An average adult consumes two grams of this compound per year because it is so abundant in nature. Linalool moves through the body more quickly than THC, which binds to fat cells and can be detected several weeks after consumption. The compound linalool may offer its benefit in large quantities since it is organic, non-toxic, and safe.


It is two different compounds called licaerol and coriandrol; respectively, both are classified as R-linalool and S-linalool. To understand the difference between these two compounds, we can look at our hands. They are known as enantiomers. Left and right hands are essentially identical, but they are mirrored images of one another. While licaerol and coriandrol have similar structures, such differences affect their neural effects, affecting how they smell. There is licaerol, a soothing substance in lavender, and coriandrol, a component that provides a slightly different yet pleasant aroma. Linalool is the collective term for both these compounds found in cannabis.


How Does Linalool Occur Naturally?

Plants utilize linalool because it provides them with an advantage in the environment. Plants are constantly harassed by pests throughout nature and must develop defence mechanisms to combat them. An internal insecticide is one such mechanism. Naturally occurring linalool is an insecticide that kills fleas, cockroaches, and fruit flies. Most plants producing linalool descend from one common ancestor that manipulated its metabolic pathway for protection against predators. In its concentrated form, linalool effectively kills invading insects without harming the environment.


What is Linalool Used For?

Besides being an insecticide, linalool is responsible for the indistinguishable scent of lavender, which has been used in soaps, perfumes, and aromatherapy for years. Lavender contains the main scent compound, linalool, which is shown in mice to reduce anxiety levels when purified. The use of lavender for its aromatic benefits has been around for centuries regardless of its recent scientific support.


Linalool is responsible for a stronger lavender scent in certain strains of cannabis. The strains Master Kush and OG Shark both have such a scent. Linalool has been shown to reduce anxiety levels, among other benefits, which is why both are recommended to users who seek a calming or soothing high.


What are the Effects of Linalool in Cannabis?

It is difficult to understand how marijuana works because it consists of hundreds of molecules, many of which appear in such trace amounts that their individual effects can’t be understood. The entourage effect has been demonstrated to provide different benefits between pure THC and cannabis extract when these trace molecules are combined.


It’s not clear whether linalool in cannabis can have any psychotropic effects, but anecdotal evidence suggests that strains high in linalool have a more relaxed effect. Possibly due to the strong lavender smell that smokers experience, or perhaps strains with high levels of linalool also contain other sedatives such as CBD and myrcene.


Effects of Linalool on Cancer

Researchers have found that linalool disrupts pathways propagating cancer, thereby reducing its spread. Cells that divide rapidly are known as cancerous because the body is unable to detect or prevent them from doing so. Linalool has been shown to work against cancer by inhibiting cell division and allowing the immune system to fight off the infection. In studies, cannabis’s botanical compounds, in purified forms, were shown to have these benefits though the doses required are higher than in cannabis.


Effects of Linalool on Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease may also be delayed by linalool’s therapeutic properties. Researchers from the Manchester School of Medicine published a study in 2016 that suggested linalool reversed the histopathological hallmarks of Alzheimer’s and restored cognitive and emotional functions through anti-inflammatory action. Preclinical studies may be able to validate linalool’s AD prevention potential.


Linalool’s Antidepressant Effects

Linalool has long been used as a folk remedy; however, the scientific basis of its antidepressant effect was only discovered recently. According to several studies, linalool may play a role in reducing depression, but it is unclear whether the molecule must be taken or if it is the scent. The ingestion of linalool, or the active compound in the cannabis plant, as well as beta-pinene, which is also found in cannabis, is found to directly impact serotonin and dopamine levels, as well as other neurotransmitters in the brain to alleviate depression.


Linalool’s Anxiolytic Effects

The treatment of anxiety with anxiolytics involves altering the levels of certain neurotransmitters in the brain. However, many of these drugs have severe side effects, such as mood changes, delayed clinical effects, or sedation. Linalool can help reduce anxiety levels when inhaled due to its direct interaction with known neurotransmitters (GABAA receptors).


Which Cannabis Strains Contain Linalool?

If you are looking for cannabis strains high in linalool, you don’t have to go too far. All you need to do is visit the website of a reputable online weed dispensary, and you’ll find all the strains you want. For linalool-rich strains, try these:


Amnesia Haze

Despite having many great qualities of both indicas and sativas, Amnesia Haze tends to land on the more thoughtful (or hyper-thoughtful) end of the spectrum. As a result, the high starts almost instantly, causing one to think cerebrally and suddenly become acutely aware of surroundings. Mental sharpening can lead to euphoria when it is conducted in a positive setting.



The taste is smooth and euphoric with a powerful Afghani hash flavour. As a result of its cerebral high, users experience a swirling body stone that calms and relaxes them, making them feel lazy. Those with little experience may have trouble staying awake. Dizziness, cottonmouth, and dry eyes are some of the negative effects. Some people prefer lavender to be used in the evening or at night to help with insomnia. It may be used at any time of the day. A powerful Indica effect makes this strain a popular choice for pain relief. Stress, anxiety, and depression can be effectively managed with this medication, and it is prescribed for PTSD, adult ADD/ADHD, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Anorexia-related eating disorders are also treated with it. CBD content of up to 1% may also enhance seizure treatment.


LA Confidential

The cerebral effects of this strain are bordering on psychedelic despite it being a pure Indica. In addition, it may inspire creativity and lift your spirits. L.A. Confidential often leads to sleep after consumption, which is accompanied by powerful laziness.



Don’t worry if all this information gets a little too overwhelming for you. You could always contact us for more details, and we would gladly explain everything to you. Keep in mind the effects and therapeutic benefits of Linalool the next time you go to your local weed shop or visit an online weed dispensary and enjoy the aroma, flavour, and soothing effects.


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