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What Is Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and How Can Cannabis Help in Mississauga?

ptsd and cannabis

A psychiatric disorder known as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may occur after people have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event such as a natural disaster, a serious accident, a terrorist attack, a conflict or a rape, or those threatened with death, sexual violence, or serious injury. In the past, PTSD has been called many things, including “shell shock” during World War I and “combat fatigue” after World War II. However, PTSD isn’t exclusive to combat veterans. PTSD is a disorder that can affect anyone, regardless of their race, nationality or culture. It is more common in women than in men.

People with PTSD


Psychologists have determined that people with PTSD have intense, disturbing feelings and thoughts about their traumatic experience long after the event has ended. Flashbacks or nightmares are common symptoms; one may feel sad, scared, angry, or detached from others during a traumatic event. People living with PTSD can have strong negative reactions to even the tiniest thing — a loud sound or an accidental touch — that reminds them of the traumatic event.


PTSD is diagnosed when an upsetting, traumatic event is experienced. Direct exposure is not necessary for diagnosis. An individual may have PTSD after learning about the violent death of a close relative or friend. Also, trauma can affect a person after repeated exposure. For example, police officers exposed to child abuse details may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.


Symptoms and Diagnosis

There are four categories of PTSD symptoms. Symptom severity varies from individual to individual.



The traumatic event is remembered involuntary, repeated, or in flashbacks. It may seem that flashbacks are so vivid that people relive the traumatic experience or see it in their minds.


To avoid triggers of distressing memories, a person might avoid people, places, activities, objects, and situations that may remind them of the traumatic event. It might be necessary to suppress the memory of the traumatic event. Individuals may be reluctant to discuss the traumatic event.

Cognitive and Mood Changes

Some people cannot remember the events or certain aspects of that event. They also have negative thoughts and feelings that might lead them to believe certain things about themselves or others. For example, a person with PTSD might start thinking that nobody can be trusted or that the person is bad. They have distorted thoughts and feelings about the event, leading to false beliefs about themselves or others. They are not interested in activities that they used to love and feel detached and estranged. Sometimes, they cannot feel any positive emotions.

Changes in Arousal and Reactivity

In arousal and reactive symptoms, people may be irritable and have angry outbursts; behave recklessly or self-destructively; be overly watchful of their surroundings in a suspicious manner, or have problems concentrating or sleeping.


After experiencing a traumatic event, most people suffer from symptoms similar to those described above. Symptoms of PTSD must last more than one month, and the individual must experience significant distress or difficulties in coping with daily life to be diagnosed. Symptoms often appear within three months of trauma, but occasionally they occur later and may persist for months or even years. Other conditions associated with PTSD include depression, substance abuse, memory problems, and other difficulties.


Causes of PTSD

If your traumatic event is life-threatening or severely traumatic to your safety, you are more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Furthermore, the greater your exposure to the traumatic event and the longer it takes to heal, you are more likely to develop PTSD. The following factors also contribute to developing PTSD:


  • PTSD and depression in the family
  • Abuse of either a physical or sexual nature
  • You experience high levels of stress in your daily life
  • Inability to cope
  • A traumatizing event is not followed up with help or support
  • Mental illness, such as depression or anxiety
  • Drug abuse history
  • Careers that expose you to trauma (e.g. military, police, first responders)
  • Traumatic events in one’s life, especially when they happen early in life.


In addition to post-traumatic stress disorder, individuals suffering from depression and anxiety, eating disorders, and drug and alcohol abuse are at risk of other mental illnesses as well. Consequently, if you have PTSD, you must seek treatment for your own well-being. When you experience these symptoms, you should consider seeking post-traumatic stress disorder treatment. The symptoms of PTSD may affect individuals differently. Children, adults, and women who have posttraumatic stress disorder may experience symptoms arising from various traumas.

How Can Cannabis Help With PTSD?

At the moment, there are no medications specifically designed to treat PTSD. Still, with new discoveries in our body’s therapeutic hotspot – the endocannabinoid system – researchers are opening up new avenues of exploration for treating mental disorders, including PTSD.


Anandamide, an endogenous cannabinoid, was lower in people with PTSD than those without symptoms. Mammals, as well as other animals, can process anandamide (our inner cannabis). The same receptors are triggered by THC and other components of the marijuana plant.


The body stops producing enough endocannabinoids to fill receptor sites, so cannabinoids are effective here. Therefore, an endocannabinoid deficiency is one of the factors in PTSD. Researchers think marijuana can alleviate PTSD symptoms by replenishing these missing endocannabinoids with those found in marijuana.


How to Get Marijuana for PTSD in Mississauga

Cannabis should not be used to treat symptoms of PTSD without first consulting a doctor. Cannabis newcomers may experience anxiety symptoms exacerbated by THC. Cannabis cannabinoid CBD, better known as CBD, is a potent antidote to THC’s paranoia and anxiety effects. Further research into the relationship between THC and CBD may result in cannabis pharmaceuticals that would be tolerated better by people with high anxiety levels. Once you have consulted your doctor, you can approach a reliable and reputable online weed dispensary in Mississauga for all your cannabis needs. Whether you need flowers, concentrates, or edibles, you’ll find a wide range of products to choose from.


Final Words

Even though no medicine can fully undo the damage caused by PTSD, cannabis can provide some relief for some. The government-backed research organizations continually dismiss the promising pharmaceutical possibilities in cannabis, even though there is a clear need to develop more effective medications without harmful side effects. As more people become aware of cannabis’s healing properties, momentum increases. For more information, contact us, and we will gladly help you out.

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