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What is the Medicinal Value of Sativa Cannabis Strains?

medical benefits of sativa

Marijuana is a widely used recreational drug in today’s society. Cannabis has been used since the third century B.C. There are three types of Cannabis in this genus, including Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. The genus originated on the Indian subcontinent and in Central Asia. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a psychoactive component of Cannabis that may cause euphoria, perception changes, appetite change, and memory alteration, among other effects. Cannabis is used for recreational purposes and in religious ceremonies, and, more recently, for treating chronic pain, epilepsy, and other ills. You can easily “score” marijuana from a local weed shop or an online weed dispensary in Canada.

It is still controversial whether medical Cannabis has medicinal benefits, mainly when used by children. Most nations consider medical Cannabis illegal. In some states of the United States, Belgium, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands, the use of medicinal Cannabis is increasing. Uruguay recently legalized marijuana, sparking great interest. In this article, we are going to learn what is the therapeutic value of sativa cannabis strains.

Prevalence And Use

Sativa strains produce a wealth of health benefits while at the same time producing a range of adverse side effects.

If you’ve ever heard of (or been one of) people who experience increased anxiety or paranoia after smoking Cannabis, it’s likely that they smoked a high-THC sativa or sativa-dominant hybrid strain.

Although sativas have incredible cerebral benefits, those benefits may often be overwhelming to patients who aren’t familiar with marijuana’s mind-altering effects.

Marijuana Sativa Strains: The Five Most Beneficial Effects

Elevates Mood

An elevated mood is not experienced by everyone who consumes a sativa or sativa-dominant cannabis strain. Pure sativas can cause increased anxiety in some people – the exact opposite of an elevated mood. However, users often report being uplifted when sativa strains are used therapeutically.

Increases Energy

Sativas act as social strains during the daytime by promoting activity, reducing levels of apathy, and enhancing the desire to engage with others. Sativa strains are also commonly used to boost energy levels and increase productivity. Because of this, the effects of sativa strains are more or less the opposite of indica strains, which make you want to relax on the couch, listen to music, and sleep.

Boosts Appetite

Sativas and Indicas can increase appetite, but sativas are the preferred choice for most people. Several scientific publications have noted that the effects of sativa strains include appetite stimulation.

According to the author of one of these publications, the ability of sativa to promote eating has been well-documented for many centuries since users report intense cravings for and intensification of the sensory and hedonic properties of food. In other words, sativa strains make you hungry – big time.

Helps with Depression

As well-established effects of sativa marijuana strains include promoting energy levels, reducing apathy, and elevating mood, it makes sense that one of the most common medical benefits of sativa marijuana is the alleviation of symptoms of depression.

The effects of a potent sativa strain may help alleviate depression and feelings of apathy.

The challenges of daily life are often difficult for patients with depression. It makes them feel dejected, believing that nothing is worth their time. Our experience – and that of millions across the globe – suggests that a potent sativa strain may be able to alleviate these symptoms.

Promotes Creativity and Focus

A lack of creativity is not defined as a “medical condition.” Still, a lack of focus, especially considering how prevalent adult-onset ADHD is and how cannabis sativa helps treat ADHD.

Nonetheless, sativa strains’ medicinal effects in promoting focus and creativity would be highly influenced by the individual’s chemical makeup – perhaps more so than any other condition. A sativa strain is more likely to increase focus than an indica strain.

Psychological Effects

A strain’s cannabinoid and terpene profile determine its medical effects. In other words, the potential medical benefits of sativa marijuana strains aren’t defined explicitly by their THC content. While sativas have a higher THC content and a lower CBD content than Indicas, other chemical components remain essential for the strains’ intoxicating effects.

As an example, THC and CBD are just two of the many naturally-occurring cannabinoids found in Cannabis (well over 100 have been identified). A wide range of terpenes and flavonoids are also present in marijuana, and all of these components affect the body and mind.

Medicinal Use In Canada

As you can see, sativa marijuana strains are predominantly used for increasing energy and elevating mood. The indica strains produce the stereotypical couch-lock effect, whereas sativa strains produce a cerebral, energetic high.

As a result, sativa marijuana strains have the most significant potential medical benefits in improving mood disorders, lowering levels of depression, and promoting happiness. The next time you visit your local dispensary, if you can find a good landrace sativa flower, perhaps you should take a look at one.

Choosing The Right Strain

Finding the right strain of marijuana for you can often be determined by answering the following questions:

  • Do they have a specific reason for using marijuana?
  • If it is for medical reasons, what conditions must be treated?
  • Do they desire a recreational experience, and if so, what kind?
  • Are they familiar with marijuana?
  • What is their desired duration of the experience?

More research is now needed to categorize strains correctly and evaluate their effects.

A neurologist and psychopharmacologist, Dr. Ethan Russo, was interviewed for the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research and argued against the general belief about indica vs. sativa.

According to him, using the terms “indica” and “sativa” to describe a plant refer to its height, morphology, and branching as researchers cannot and should not categorize Cannabis based on its “effects” and biochemical content.


Different botanical properties distinguish Cannabis sativa from Cannabis indica.

There is anecdotal evidence that sativas are more energizing while Indicas are more relaxing. However, the scientific reality is much more complex. Cannabis has many chemical components that contribute to its medical and recreational effects. An individual needs to look at the biochemical content of the different strains to choose the strain most suitable to their needs, even if there may be some truth to the differences between the two plants. In research, it has been shown that THC content can vary widely even within a strain, so this likely holds for other cannabinoids as well.

If you want to get your hands on premium quality marijuana, feel free to contact us, and we would be happy to assist you.


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