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Why Does Cannabis Make You High and Hungry in Mississauga?

why does cannabis make you high and hungry in mississauga

Why does cannabis make you high and hungry in Mississauga? This slang term refers to the desire for any sweet or salty treat or food rich in carbohydrates. If you smoke cannabis, then you must have encountered the munchies. But what are all these cannabis-related cravings all about? Here’s what you need to know.

You can easily blame these cravings on the drug’s active ingredient, THC. THC is responsible for making you high when you smoke cannabis. But it is also primarily responsible for making you feel hungry. It increases food cravings. Our brain is divided into two parts. One controls our moods, and the other controls our appetite, which tells us when to eat, how much to eat and when to stop eating. Anytime you take cannabis, it gets distributed everywhere in your brain. When it enters the part of the brain that influences your appetite, it stimulates you to eat. When the THC reaches the part of the brain that controls your mood, you start feeling euphoric.

The Science Behind Cannabis Making Us High and Hungry

THC stimulates the Endocannabinoid system, a complex area of our brain which helps regulate our behaviour and maintain energy balance. It is an area that also controls our appetite and emotions. When THC enters the human body, it interacts with the receptors in our brain that control pain, feelings, and sense of smell. These receptors are also responsible for releasing a hormone known as ghrelin that stimulates hunger.

So, when the user takes cannabis, it goes to the brain. It interacts with the complex mechanism and receptors, making the aroma of food more appealing and causing the user to eat more.

Dopamine is the chemical that controls the pleasure centers. THC also enhances the release of dopamine in our body, increasing the pleasure of eating and making the food more enjoyable. Usually, people who do not use cannabis know what they want to eat, but after taking cannabis, all of a sudden, the user feels the urge to eat.

Your Body Thinks You Are Starving!

A study revealed how much THC affects your body and the hunger pangs that come with it. It is said that THC in weed targets the olfactory bulb in your brain that heightens the sense of taste, smell and, of course, as mentioned previously, your hunger.

THC tricks our brain into thinking that we desperately need to eat something even if we are full. THC effectively flips a switch in the brain, and instead of producing a chemical that tells us that we are full, it stimulates the hypothalamus that tells us we are hungry.

Don’t Forget About The Sense of Smell.

Another physical sensation that takes a hit when you use cannabis is your sense of smell. When you chew, you usually force air through your nasal passages. This air that you force carries the food scents, so you will be capable of grasping the full taste of food flavour. When you are high, your increased sense of smell also works with your appetite, making the food taste much better. Because your body will be telling you that you are starving, it will make you look for food that has high calories so that you can get a burst of energy. This phenomenon partially explains why Harold and Kumar ended up being at the White Castle.

The THC enhances your hunger in your CB1 receptors. After THC reaches your CB1 receptors, it enhances the taste of sucrose, but it does not improve the bitter items. This effect explains why the cravings for junk food increase, so all junk food starts to taste good.

How Much Will You Want To Eat?

How hungry will you get once you are high? It all depends on the amount of THC you have consumed in one session. The more you get high, the higher the THC level in your blood, leading to more hunger. Edibles have to be digested, and whatever food is already in your system will slow down the THC absorption, which slows down the process of THC reaching your brain. Inhaling cannabis is the fastest way to get high. It just takes five to ten minutes, while edibles can take up to two hours.

Now you may be wondering if there was a way to control your marijuana munchies. The good news is there is a way! You have to control the amount of THC you use. If you buy your cannabis from a legal state-approved online weed shop, they all have lab-tested and labelled THC and CBD ratios. This ratio will help you buy your preferred amount of THC, and that is how you are going to control the munchies.

What Should You Eat When You Get The Munchies?

When you get the munchies, the expert stoners say that it enhances the rewarding nature of the food you eat. Our brains already love high-calorie junk food containing huge amounts of salt and sugar. The moment you get high, a huge amount of dopamine is released, and in response, those foods start looking more appealing than ever. And you will always find yourself reaching for a bag of chips or a slice of pizza.

Ideally, it would help if you stuck to healthier food when you get the marijuana munchies. You should be eating fruits, vegetables and grains–food with the right sugar and salts like granola, cereals and baked chips. It is always better to plan your snacks ahead of time, so you don’t choose any unhealthy food options.

If you want to know more about weed, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.


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