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Weighing in at a hefty 30% THC level, this is the most popular of the three main types of cannabis strains. These plants have large leaves and thick stems that can help support their heavy buds.

Indicas grow shorter and bushier than their Sativa counterparts because they originate from hot and humid environments. Their broad leaves, short stature, and minimal branching make them an ideal plant for indoor growing. They often flower in 8-10 weeks when grown from seed indoors while outdoors they may take up to October to finish flowering fully. Outdoors is where Indica really shines as their dense buds are resistant against mould and cold weather making it easy for growers to get a sizable yield that can be up to double the amount you would see indoors.

Indicas are sometimes mistaken as inherently better than Sativas because of their shorter flowering time and suitability for growing indoors. Indica buds can be incredibly pungent and many consumers prefer them due to heavier, more sedative body effects that some say are better night-time smoke. Indica Hybrid strains bridge the gap between Indica's famous sleepiness and pure Sativa's intense cerebral head high effect with an often desirable combination of both.

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What many people call “Sativa” is often more accurately called "Haze." Haze refers to a specific phenotype that has been stabilized as a separate strain after over 40 years of careful breeding. A common misconception about Sativa strains is that they are not narcotic and do not induce sleep - this is incorrect. While the effects of Sativa strains may be slightly less sedative than Indica, there is nothing about them that does not produce an altered state of consciousness and most definitely puts the user to sleep eventually. Further, true Sativa's require high light intensity (irrespective of the colour spectrum) to stay short and bushy with tight nodes for indoor growers.

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Hybrids mainly consist of crossing both an Indica strain with a Sativa strain. Doing so can create some very unique flavours and effects due to the cross-pollination of different cannabinoid profiles, terpene profiles, etc. When crossing these two cannabis types together they are breeding "like with like" which will lead to offspring that have traits from both Indica/Sativa parents.

On average you would expect most hybrids to be comprised of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa or vice versa depending on who you're asking. There are some exceptions even though it's mostly hybrids contain these ratios though some may lean towards 80-20%. It all depends on how much Indica vs Sativa tendencies are inheritable between the strains being crossed. Some growers prefer higher percentages of one parent over another, other times it's just done for flavour/aroma purposes.

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Edibles are food items that contain weed. They are tasty treats that can help you end your weed cravings with extra taste and flavour. If you want to intake weed most discreetly, edibles are perfect for you. Find a wide variety of edibles at DoorBud like gummies, cookies, chocolates and many more. These THC-infused treats are perfect for easing many medical conditions. Edibles are easy to carry, and you can carry them in your purse or pocket and eat them when you like.

Vaping is one of the most innovative ways of taking cannabis. Ever since the introduction, more and more people are switching to weed vape pens for their cannabis intake. Cannabis vape pens heat the cannabis oil in the cartridge to a temperature where it turns into vapours and you can inhale it easily. It is a much smoother way to take cannabis.

Pre-rolls are a real game-changing product for users who like to smoke their joint with style. They are one of the most bought products because of the convenience it provides to the customers. Pre-rolls let you smoke in peace. Users who are in a rush and cannot wait to roll their joint should go for pre-rolls.

You can find hash at DoorBud at the most reasonable price. Hash is one of the most potent forms of cannabis. You can find different types of hash at DoorBud, including dry hash, ice water hash etc., just decide what type you want, and DoorBud will get your order to your doorstep with same-day weed delivery.

Shatter is a form of pure cannabis concentrate that looks like glass. It is called shatter because of its looks and because it shatters just like glass when broken. It could have THC levels that could go up to a whopping 90%. The only problem with shatter is the extraction process. If not done right, it could lower the THC levels and you might not enjoy the product. Doorbud offers premium quality shatter brought in from the most trusted sources.

Online Weed Delivery in Georgetown

Most people enter a weed shop thinking they will buy a sativa strain or an Indica strain. What they should do is to find out what exactly they want from the cannabis strain.

If you want nothing better than to sink into the sofa, you should look for indica or indica-dominant strains. What you need is a strain high in CBD. Also, if you are an insomniac or just want to get some sleep, look for a strain high in cannabinol (CBN). CBN is another cannabinoid, just like THC and CBD. If you want to get stuff done, like your laundry, paying your bills, or creating your to-do list for the next week, experts recommend a sativa or sativa-dominant strain. These strains contain high percentages of THC, and they will make you feel more uplifted and energetic. You’ll feel like there’s nothing you can’t do. You should also look for cannabis strains that have a high amount of THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin). It offers the stimulating effects that you need at the moment. More research is needed in this regard.

Are you stuck in a rut? Facing writer’s block? You need a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that can help you get the mental juices flowing again. The THC level is high enough to boost your mental ability, yet not so high that you feel paranoid. Other factors weigh in, and cannabis is not the only thing that should be relied on for creativity.
If you feel a lot of anxiety and need to chill, go for a tincture with high CBD levels. Tinctures allow you to control the dosage and are fast-acting. Too much THC does not do well with anxiety as it could send you into paranoia. Make sure that you discuss all of this with your budtender, or if you are purchasing from an online weed dispensary, with your cannabis customer representative.

Why Choose DoorBud As Your Online Weed Dispensary in Georgetown?

When it comes to an online weed dispensary, Doorbud takes the weed (we mean cake). We have an extensive range of edibles, flowers, shatter, and pre rolls. We ensure same-day delivery if that’s what you want, so you won’t have to go a single day without cannabis. This service is especially beneficial for medical marijuana users who want fast relief from their illnesses and symptoms. We also have one of the most extensive lists of weed products in the market. All you have to do is log in, and you’ll see what we’re talking about. We have something for everyone.

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