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Your Complete Guide to Taking Weed in Milton

weed in milton

When you first learn about cannabis, you will often come across the term “strain.” Strain means a genetic variation of the same species. Cannabis has three main strains known as sativa, indica and hybrid and another lesser-known one: cannabis ruderalis. Here is all you want to know about taking weed in Milton.


Cannabis sativa is the most well-known strain. The plant takes longer to mature and is easily recognizable. This plant is usually 2 to 4 meters tall with less density and more elongated buds, but the colour of the leaves is light green, and the plant has a sweet, pleasant aroma. When consumed, the effects of sativa strains give you a perfect sense of euphoria, a feeling that is often described as a cerebral high. It causes an influx of energy and creativity that lasts for a few hours.


Cannabis indica originated in hot regions like Afghanistan, Pakistan and it is highly popular among many stoners. This subspecies of cannabis has a stocky appearance and is characterized as having darker leaves. This strain is great because it can adapt to cooler regions as well. Indica strains have dense buds, high yields, and typically a sour aroma. They mature early, which is why they are popular among growers and the fact that it is more compact than a sativa strain. This strain is ideal for growing in small closed places. Indica strains usually have strong sedative effects that calm the user and make them relax. These effects make this strain perfect for nighttime use.


Hybrid strains are a combination of Sativa and indica and sometimes rudralis strains. Hybrid can happen naturally in the wild, but those you encounter on an online weed dispensary are cultivated on purpose. There is no specific standardization when it comes to hybrid strains. The plant size, potency, smell, and flowering time depend on the strains used for crossbreeding. Therefore, the flowering time varies, so are the effects and ranging from strain to strain. Hybrid is the most popular choice of many, mainly because of the effects users receive. Growers also prefer these strains the most. This is why it is one of the most prominent products you can find at online weed dispensaries. There are three kinds of hybrid strains:

  • Sativa dominant hybrids
  • Indica dominant hybrids
  • Balanced hybrids


Cannabis rudralis is the least known strain, but you can come across its hybrids once in a while. This strain is relatively small and ranges from 30 to 70 cm in height. It lacks cannabinoids, which makes this plant smaller, but it has an auto-flowering gene that is perfect for crossbreeding. This plant does not need light to grow, unlike sativa and indica, and it grows in about three weeks. Therefore, this strain is mainly used for creating hybrids that flower on their own and are rich in THC. Growers of this plant purchase its hybrid seeds and enjoy their time producing their buds without worrying too much about lighting and other cycles.

Cannabis Products

Now that you know about the many strains of cannabis you can use, the next step is to move on to some of the most popular cannabis products. Since marijuana has been legalized, there have been many products that have surfaced on the market. These products received much love from users. New technology and advancement also play an important role in creating these cannabis products. The main goal is to provide the cannabinoids in your bloodstream and provide you with the relief you are looking for or a high. People don’t just use cannabis for smoking but also make oils, tinctures, capsules, edibles, and other products. In any online weed dispensary, these are a few of the products that you will encounter:

  • Flowers
  • Concentrates
  • Edibles
  • Tinctures

We will go through each one of them in detail.

Flowers (Buds)

Dried cannabis flowers are the most used cannabis products readily available online and on local weed dispensaries. They are often used to smoke cannabis through joints and blunts. However, you can also use them in edibles after decarboxylation. The THC in dried buds varies from strain to strain, but the usual range starts from low as 1% to high as 20%. Remember, the higher the THC level, the stronger your high will be. CBD percentage in dried buds also depends on the strain you use. However, the ratio of CBD is usually low. But plants that are CBD dominant have a higher percentage.


Concentrates are also very famous, but they came second in popularity. As the name suggests, concentrate products have concentrated forms of cannabis packed with strong potent cannabinoids. Here are some of the most common weed concentrates are:

  • Hashish
  • Kief
  • Moon rocks
  • Rosin
  • Shatter
  • BHO

There is a reason why concentrates are highly popular among many people. Mainly because they are highly potent and the range of cannabinoids is higher up to 80 to 95%. As you know, the higher the cannabinoids, the higher the potency.


Concentrates are produced with the help of the extraction process. The process itself has several steps, after which the producers are done with the final product known as the concentrate. The most common way to take concentrate is dabbing. However, there are some other ways too.


The term edibles usually mean anything that you can eat. In cannabis terminology, it means anything that contains weed in it. Although many producers make edibles for commercial purposes, users can also make edibles at home since the process is relatively easy, and anyone can make them. Commercially included edibles are chocolates, bubble gums, brownies, lollipops, and the list goes on. The cannabinoids ratio in edibles also varies. But the good news is that the high feeling you get from edibles is much stronger than any other product.

Ways To Take Weed

Here are the four standard consumption methods:

  • Inhalation
  • Smoking
  • Vaporization
  • Oral consumption


If you want to know more about weed, feel free to contact us, and we would be happy to assist you.

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